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Who are we?

As part of our organization's mission, we introduce patients and healthcare professionals into the diagnostics industry so that the highest quality testing material can be provided.

Image by Clay Banks

Program Overview

The FDA requires labs to conduct tests on blood for infectious diseases, autoimmune diseases, or hepatitis with a quality control group. A further requirement of the FDA is that the quality control material be derived from human plasma (to ensure the highest level of accuracy of the test kit).

This material is only available from consenting adult plasma donors with infectious diseases, such as hepatitis A, or autoimmune disorders. Patients with certain illnesses and infectious diseases can participate in iDonor's Plasma Donation Program.

We are particularly interested in patients diagnosed with an infectious disease within the past 2-3 weeks, such as hepatitis B or hepatitis A.

Also, we look for patients who have been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or carry rare polyclonal antibodies.

You can become a plasma donor if you have one of the diseases we are looking for and meet our specific requirements. We will compensate you for every donation (up to $500, depending on qualification).

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